Case Studies

Hilltop's strength is building custom, large-scale applications that combine sophisticated business rules, large-scale databases, and connected clients (web & mobile).

Survey Research System

We built a survey research platform from scratch which enabled online and mobile surveys for hundreds of companies globally. Online surveys were executed using ASP.NET and field surveys utilized a Windows Mobile engine. All data was stored in an online SQL Server database. The system was able to collate data coming in from thousands of mobile devices in the field and direct them to the proper data set.

The system is still running today, and has processed tens of millions of survey responses with little change to the original schema or core system. We recently converted the Windows Mobile engine to an Android application communicating with Azure, utilizing BLOB and Table Storage for survey data storage.


Pharmaceutical Barcode and RFID Tracking System

We built a two-part system for Pharmaceuticals to tag and track individual cartons and bottles using 2D barcodes and RFID tags.

The first part of the system was a real-time .NET WinForms App installed on high-speed packaging lines in pharmaceutical plants. The app generated, and directed the tagging of, unique serial codes to track individual packaging, from unit to pallet level. At the end of a packaging run, the app would upload the codes to an online database dedicated to that particular pharma company.

The online part of the system was an ASP.NET application consisting of both WCF web services and ASP.NET WebForms pages. The online application facilitated the authentication and tracking of serialized pharma packaging through the supply chain.


Home Healthcare Worker Training Portal

We built a state-wide online platform for facilitating and tracking mandated training for home healthcare workers. The system manages in-classroom training around the state, as well as a custom-built eLearning delivery system.

The system tracks over 70k home healthcare workers. A very sophisticated rules engine was built to handle the complex set of State laws for evaluating the requirements and status of each worker.

In-class course catalogs are maintained and allow for scheduling and registration of classes. We built a barcode scanning application which allows instructors to scan worker badges to confirm attendance. The system has managed tens of thousands of classes and has processed hundreds of thousands of attendance scans.

The eLearning delivery system was built from scratch to be SCORM 2004 compliant. This engine delivers thousands of eLearning courses every day, and has delivered hundreds of thousands of courses in its two year lifetime.

The system is partitioned in a way that allows for a lot of different types of users (worker, employer, regulatory, call center, instructor, admin) who can only see worker data under their respective jurisdiction.

Because of the massive amount of data that needs to be retrieved to access a worker’s record, we built a sophisticated caching engine backed by MongoDB.


Remote Water Meter Monitoring System

We built an Azure-based system for remotely storing and displaying readings from water meters installed in commercial and multi-tenant housing buildings. Proprietary Arduino firmware is installed on existing water meters, and communicates with Azure using JSON messages sent over a cellular network.

Two ASP.NET web roles are used to facilitate storing of data and display/reporting of data. The web role for storing data is an ASP.NET Web API project that presents a REST interface to meter devices. The reporting website is an ASP.NET MVC4 project that displays dashboards to building managers.

We also shadow each data display page with a jQuery mobile page that allows for smart phone use of the system.